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Author Spotlight: S.M. Creanza

By Michelle Leigh Miller | November 15, 2018

While aspiring author S.M. Creanza had a story tell, it took her some time to decide through which medium she would communicate that story. “I…

Author Spotlight: Jonathan Davis

By Michelle Leigh Miller | October 9, 2018

“The fastest way to describe them would be if you put a Universal monster movie and a John Ford western together,” New Mexico based author…

Author Kevin Cosgrove

Author Spotlight: Kevin Cosgrove (Max Derouche)

By Michelle Leigh Miller | September 25, 2018

Kevin Cosgrove, who publishes as Max Derouche, has been writing since he was 10-years-old. He published his first book, “Saul”, in 2001. While he has…

FAQ (Before They're Asked)

Why are you doing this?

While I am new to the author world, I am not new to writing. For over 10 years, I’ve written news articles for traditional media, a business focused non-profit and my own independent news site, that I launched years ago.

One of my favorite things about writing news articles has and will always be telling other people’s stories. I find joy in it. I had considered launching this section when I first created my author site but at the time, I didn’t know very many authors and poets yet. Through recent connections on Instagram, however, I realized it was something I might now be able to launch.

In short, it’s my way of giving back. Since stepping into the author world, I’ve received a lot of help from other indie authors in various ways. As some of those I’ve connected with can probably attest to, I’m not very good at being regularly active in groups and consistently active on social media. I have a lot going on, so that part is difficult for me.

Article writing, however, comes easy for me. It’s something I can do to maybe give back to the community that has been so supportive and helpful in my journey over the last months.

Will I benefit? Maybe. I do have advertisements on my site. If I make a few extra dollars to help me in my author journey, then cool. I may find readers of my own through this process. Also, cool. Maybe I’ll meet up with some others with similar offerings and be featured on someone else’s website at some point. If that happens, then yay.

In the end though, as long as there are authors and poets interested in being featured, I will continue with this project, regardless of what benefits there are to me.

Do you have any examples of your article writing?

I do. Please see some recent links below.

Teen with ASD inspires CC community

From Dope Dealer to Hope Dealer: A Drug Addict’s Story

(Part 1)


Area videographer makes push into independent filmmaking

Who is eligible to be featured?

Any author or poet, whether published or aspiring. My goal with this is not to make subjective judgements of anyone’s work. If you are an author or poet, you are eligible. People can determine on their own if your work is for them. At this time, there are no restrictions in place. It is my hope I will not run into any scammers who try to use this offering to their benefit and at the expense of readers. Should that occur, then I may need to rethink eligibility. I will do a basic review of each author or poet’s website, author social media profiles and books offered but at this time, I am operating under the assumption you are legitimate.

What do you mean by published?

The Merriam-Webster definition of publish in this case is to disseminate to the public, to produce or release for distribution or to issue the work of an author. In other words, I do not differentiate between traditionally published or indie published authors or poets. I do not differentiate between whether your works are available for free on your website or for sale through another outlet. If you have disseminated your works to the public, you are technically a published author or poet. If you haven’t released your works yet to the public, then you are an aspiring published author or poet.

How do you interview?

I will interview by email, phone or video, though I assume most writers will prefer email. In this case, you will be sent a list of generic questions. I will follow up with more targeted questions after I receive those answers if needed.

How many times can I be featured?

Once, though I will be happy to update the story and reshare at any time with new releases or other information as my schedule permits.

How do I sign up to be featured?

Please fill out the form below. This form and the questions asked just help me ensure I am sending you the right questions. If you aren't able to fill out the form, please email