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Welcome to my creative corner, where I share various creative writings I complete as part of an exercise or just for fun.

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Old Lady Weatherby

By Michelle Leigh Miller | October 16, 2018

Perched precariously on the fence between childlike innocence and the realities of the world, the collective minds of a group of 11-year-olds are a curious…

The water leak

By Michelle Leigh Miller | September 27, 2018

It had been a good morning, so far. Sleep that had been evading me all week had stuck around through the night and I even…

The Club: a free writing exercise

By Michelle Leigh Miller | September 9, 2018

The other day, I did a free writing exercise on video as part of some goals I’ve set for myself this month. I ended up…

Six-Word Story Challenge – Adventurer

By Michelle Leigh Miller | August 6, 2018

In response to J.I. Rogers Six-Word Story Challenge.   ADVENTURER   She paused, breathed, smiled, then jumped.  

Just writing to write: The Nap

By Michelle Leigh Miller | July 15, 2018

Her eyes weren’t just green. They were an unnatural green, like an emerald under direct sunlight, they shimmered different shades as she floated toward me.…

15 Minute Writing Challenge – Dollar Message

By Michelle Leigh Miller | May 31, 2018

Her complete disinterest in our transaction was the only reason I looked at the bills she handed back to me – to make sure she…

15 Minute Writing Challenge – Full Disclosure

By Michelle Leigh Miller | May 27, 2018

They toured the house with the real estate agent. “We love it,” he said. “Is there anything we should know about the house’s past?” The…