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Guess what I’ve done this week…

Saturday I shut down my business and you know what I’ve done since then?

Diddly squat.



And by nothing I mean….I fixed dinner multiple times. Took my kids to the places they needed to go. Worked on helping with an event I had been putting off. Emailed people back who had been waiting for a response for a month. Did a two-hour interview for a feature article. Spent two hours in a potential freelancing meeting. Did a project for my mom. Started planning a 16th birthday party. Took said teen driving. Spent the evening hanging out with my beautiful, spunky two-year-old niece. Wrote a freelance article for an organization. Almost finished reading a book. Took several naps. Binge-watched a season and half of Riverdale with my daughter.

All of which, less than a week ago, would have been a source of stress for me, if I’m being honest, as I tried to shove a 16 hour a day job trying to keep a dying news site relevant into life’s craziness.

I haven’t written much. The novel sits dormant. The two feature article interviews are waiting for me to write them. The new magazine website is still empty. I’ve only written one blog post prior to this one. Even my Instagram, which I had started to build, has been fairly quiet until the last day or so.

While my inner over-achiever is currently having a conniption fit, my inner hippie is sitting back, listening to music and telling her to calm down, it’ll all be okay.

And it will be.

Because, if you read the hamster wheel post I wrote not long ago, I totally took back control of that wheel. I stuck my hand out, grabbed the bars and brought that sucker to a stop. I also happened to break the cage apart while doing so and am now running freely about the room.

No worries. It won’t be long before my inner over-achiever takes back over. She can’t help herself. Until then though, Riverdale with the girl here I come.

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