I know what it says. I wrote it….

Today, while scrolling through the internet for funny memes (because that’s what I do now…lol), I came across a Dilbert comic strip from 2007. I won’t share it here, because I don’t have the rights to it, but check out the link for the full effect. http://dilbert.com/strip/2007-11-21 In it, another character tells Dilbert that a […]

Do you know who I am?

Behold! The most telling question in the English language. Over the years, I’ve been asked this question or a variation on this question more than once. Normally to strong arm me into making an exception for them or even to keep their name out of an article. I’ve seen versions on television and social media. […]

So creepy…

What happened last night was just plain creepy. I’ve heard stories of it happening to others but being the type of person I am, I chalked it up to coincidence or cross-advertising between platforms. It’s not that I don’t believe it could happen; I just look for the logical explanation by default. Yet, while I […]

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