I know what it says. I wrote it….

Today, while scrolling through the internet for funny memes (because that’s what I do now…lol), I came across a Dilbert comic strip from 2007. I won’t share it here, because I don’t have the rights to it, but check out the link for the full effect. http://dilbert.com/strip/2007-11-21 In it, another character tells Dilbert that a […]

Living in a selfie world…

Make-up selfies. Clothing selfies. Food selfies. No make-up selfies. Selfies at a cool place. Selfies hanging at home. The duck face selfie. The sexy selfie. The selfie poking fun at selfies. Selfies with family. Selfies with friends. Selfies with pets. The staged moment selfie. With the release of the forward-facing cameras on cellphones came the […]

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