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The hamster wheel…

Get up. Do the thing. Fall in bed. Get up. Do the thing. Fall in bed. Get up. Do. Fall.

My daughter had a hamster once. I would sit and watch that thing run on its wheel. Around and around and around. Then it would stop. Get some water. Maybe some food. Run around its cage a bit. Then back on the wheel. Run. Run. Run.

Sometimes though, the wheel got the best of her and the next thing you knew, she was flipping around it, hanging on for dear life until it slowed to a stop.

I realized the other day, that last description is very much my life at the moment. In this hamster cage of life, the wheel is full on running me and I am just hanging on, waiting for this ride to stop.

It’s unfamiliar territory for me, because I’ve always had control of the wheel and I kept that sucker moving swiftly, at an agreeable pace.

At some point I slipped and the wheel took over and what I have found out, just like that hamster, is there isn’t much you can do until the spinning stops. You might as well hang on, close your eyes and enjoy the ride. Because, it will eventually stop again.

Then its your turn.

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