A modern tale spun like days of old…

The Forest ~ a tale of old magic ~The Forest ~ a tale of old magic ~ by Julia Blake
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A modern tale spun like days of old…

While I found enjoyment from books at an early age, my love for literature was cultivated in college, specifically through works from the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. There was something in the way those writers and poets spun their tales, the care they took with each line, the beauty of their styles that called to me.

When I first started reading The Forest, I immediately felt at home within its pages. I was sucked in from page one and felt, instead of reading a newly released novel, I was reading something from long ago just recently discovered. More than once, I found myself stopping and re-reading a line. Not because I didn’t understand it, but just to admire how beautifully it was written.

And yet, as I moved further into the book, it still flowed like a modern novel. As a matter-of-fact, for most of the novel, I wasn’t really sure what time period it took place in. Sometimes it felt like modern times. Other times it felt like days of old. And to me, that is the magic of the book. The characters were written in a way that made you care about them, root for them, your heart soar and your heart break. You wanted to keep turning the pages. Wanted to know what happens next. Blake’s descriptions were such that you could see in your mind the world she’d built, but not written in a way you were distracted from the story. I would love to discuss more in-depth but I don’t want to give anything away.

If there really is some imaginary line a work must cross to be considered literature, Blake’s The Forest has come the closest to that line of any book I’ve read in recent years. It is definitely one that will have a permanent place on my bookshelf and be revisited in the future.

From the back of the book:

An impenetrable forest that denies entry to all but a select few. A strange and isolated village, whose residents never leave. A curse that reappears every generation, leaving death and despair in its wake.

What is lurking at the heart of the Forest? When the White Hind of legend is seen, the villagers know three of its young people will be left dead, victims of a triangle of love, murder and suicide.
This time Sally, Jack and Reuben have been selected, and it’s their turn to be tormented by long-buried jealousies aroused by the dark entity existing within its shadowy glades. Only by confronting the Forest’s secrets, can they hope to break the curse and change their destinies – if they have the courage.

Keeper of secrets. Taker of souls. Defender of innocence.
Existing on the very edge of believing, there is the Forest.
And this is its story…

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