A soul-crushing, chuckle-inducing, get in your head, magical jaunt through time

Firestone KeyFirestone Key by Caroline Noe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love time travel stories. I always have. There’s something about weaving human interactions and actions through time, the cause and effect of life, that has always interested me. I was hooked on Firestone Key from page one and that hold continued through to the very end. Noe does an amazing job of intertwining the story back and forth through time, leaving little clues here and there that are powerful enough to be noticed but easily discarded in the moment of the story, until the end when all is revealed and you’re left revisiting those moments, thinking, “Ah! I should have seen that coming.”

At the heart of the story are the amazingly real characters Noe built. I adore that none of them – not one – are completely good or completely evil. At any given time, the characters you’ve grown to love can do something that makes you cringe. You understand, on some level, how the characters you’ve grown to despise became who they are. Noe’s writing style is just descriptive enough to give you a clear view of the world, the people and their actions but not so descriptive that you get pulled from the story. Her use of a different dialect to indicate a jump in time was absolutely amazing. The amount of care and thought that went into that part of her story shone through. It was just different enough to be noticeable but not so different you spent the majority of the book trying to understand the characters.

Mostly I love that it was more than just a story. It was a discussion about cause and effect – how our actions can sometimes cause the very things we are trying to prevent. How frail and strong, all at the same time, the human connection can be. It was a discussion about love, hate, addiction, pain, suffering, redemption, friendship, family, strength, weakness, fear, and bravery all wrapped up in a sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, time-traveling, magical tale.

I can’t wait to read more from Noe.

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