The Cottage in Maple Hill

Book Cover: The Cottage in Maple Hill
Editions:Amazon - Paperback: $ 14.99Amazon - Kindle: $ 4.99

“Inspiration doesn’t always come to you, child. Sometimes, you have to go out and find it.”

Liza Blackburn had long ago given up on being an artist as life took precedence over dreams. When her beloved grandmother passes away, she leaves Liza a generous, life-changing inheritance. Except it comes with a catch. One that takes her out of her comfort zone and drops her in a remote cottage in rural Ohio. She has one goal—survive the year and get back home.

Derrick Lowe’s life is simple, and he likes it that way. The last thing he wants to deal with is the hot mess granddaughter of his adopted grandmother moving in next door. When she does, he pushes his wants to the side and embraces his sense of duty. It is only a year after all.

But a lot can change in a year as Liza learns that home is relative, and Derrick finds his life might need a little messiness, after all.

Reviews:Rachel on Amazon wrote:

The Cottage in Maple Hill is an enthralling book that grabs your heart and carries you on a journey of self discovery with the characters.

Leandra on Amazon wrote:

I couldn’t put this book down. I loved it!!!

Caroline Noe on Goodreads wrote:

Filled with warm hearted characters, such as the neighbour Derrick, his sister and her teen son, the narrative is charm personified. Although the plot flows in the expected direction, the getting there is truly entertaining, ticking all the boxes for gentle romantic drama. Encompassing loss, disappointment, love, the finding of oneself and found family, The Cottage in Maple Hill is a delight.


Book Cover: Evelyn
Editions:Amazon - Paperback: $ 9.99Amazon - Kindle: $ 3.99

Going back isn’t always the right answer.

Recovering from a tragedy, Evelyn finds herself at a crossroad. While surrounded by those who love her, she can’t help but miss having family in her life. And despite her determination to return to school, when it comes time to choose a major, she is unable to make a decision, which leaves her questioning her future.

But answers sometime come when least expected, and Evelyn is offered an opportunity to follow a career she’d never considered. When a stranger shows up and offers Evelyn a chance to have family again, she considers maybe her life is finally making sense.

Except Evelyn finds not all answers are good, not everyone is who they appear to be, and family isn’t about blood but about the people who are still standing beside you when everything falls apart.

Evelyn is the final book in the Evelyn series, following Evelyn Johnson’s journey from her escape from her abusive husband to rebuilding her life one piece at a time.


Finding Evelyn

Book Cover: Finding Evelyn
Part of the The Evelyn Series series:
Editions:Amazon - Paperback: $ 11.99Amazon - Kindle: $ 3.99

When Evelyn Johnson married the man of her dreams, she had no idea five years later she’d be running from a nightmare.

When her abusive husband leaves for a fishing trip, Evelyn takes the opportunity to escape. On her own, scared, and hurt, she crosses paths with a police officer, Chris, and his no-nonsense grandmother, Lou.

Finding refuge on their farm, she’s given the opportunity to heal, both physically and mentally. Then her relationship with Chris takes an unexpected turn, and she’s left torn between her growing bond with him, and her fear of the violent man she left behind.

In the end, Evelyn is left with two choices—run to keep herself and her friends safe or face her husband, so she has a shot at a future.

Reviews:Daniel on Amazon wrote:

I read this book from cover to cover without stopping. It had me from the first paragraph. Can’t wait to read the next!

Angel on Amazon wrote:

This story is wonderfully written and nearly impossible to put down once you begin reading! The characters are well thought out and the story is one that tugs at anyone's heartstrings who knows the story all too well in real life! Do yourself a favor and buy this book!

Caroline Noe on GoodReads wrote:

This book is an absolute treasure. It's neither sensationalist nor lurid, but still manages to quietly convey the despair and terror of domestic abuse. Evelyn is a magnificent character and those she meets along her escape are so well drawn that we find ourselves falling in love with them right along with her.

The central romance is so touching and amusing that the looming shadow of her husband makes us fear for their happiness.

I loved this book and can't recommend it highly enough.

Reconstructing Evelyn

Book Cover: Reconstructing Evelyn
Part of the The Evelyn Series series:
Editions:Amazon - Paperback: $ 11.99Amazon - Kindle: $ 3.99

Evelyn Johnson is determined to take back her life. The life stolen from her by an abusive husband. The life she’d thought she would have as a teenager, before she met the man of her dreams. The man who quickly became a living nightmare.

She lands a job, enrolls in college and rents an apartment. When she sees a flyer asking for volunteers at the local domestic violence shelter, she doesn’t hesitate. At first, she finds it difficult seeing herself in the women there. Until she meets Leslie and latches onto her, confident she can help the young woman escape.

But when her life starts to unravel and tragedy strikes, Evelyn is left questioning her past, her future and her own strength.

The sequel to Finding Evelyn, Reconstructing Evelyn continues Evelyn’s journey as she works to rebuild her life – one shattered piece at a time.