Going back isn’t always the right answer.

Recovering from a tragedy, Evelyn finds herself at a crossroad. While surrounded by those who love her, she can’t help but miss having family in her life. And despite her determination to return to school, when it comes time to choose a major, she is unable to make a decision, which leaves her questioning her future.

But answers sometime come when least expected, and Evelyn is offered an opportunity to follow a career she’d never considered. When a stranger shows up and offers Evelyn a chance to have family again, she considers maybe her life is finally making sense.

Except Evelyn finds not all answers are good, not everyone is who they appear to be, and family isn’t about blood but about the people who are still standing beside you when everything falls apart.

Evelyn is the final book in the Evelyn series, following Evelyn Johnson’s journey from her escape from her abusive husband to rebuilding her life one piece at a time.