It’s okay to not write every day….

The one thing about this journey, and I still call it a journey because I am nowhere near any sort of destination, you have a lot of advice thrown at you about writing. I’ve not been shy about spouting my adoration of the Instagram indie author community. They rock. I love seeing all the amazing word count posts this month. They inspire me. I applaud those who have finished and released their novels to the world. I cheer for them when they start getting great reviews. My heart sinks for them when they get negative reviews. I appreciate the inspirational quotes, the advice and the “you should be writing” nudges. They will be helpful when I get to that stage.

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Right now though, I’m not there. And the one thing I’ve learned over the last months is it does me ZERO good to force myself to write because, at this moment, writing is not my priority. That’s right. It’s the side gig to my side gig. It’s the thing I work on when I’m not working on things that actually pay the bills, or finishing up the thing I already started or, well, just being a mom. When I say force myself to write, I don’t mean force myself to get off the couch where I am binge-watching Netflix and write. Because I have done that before and found I wrote well, regardless of whether I felt like writing at that moment or not.

No, I’m talking about forcing myself to write and putting other things I should be prioritizing on the backburner. Guess what I’m thinking about at that moment? That’s right. All those other things. Guess what comes out? Complete crap that will require a total rewrite. I don’t mean a revision. I mean it’s so bad I might as well trash it. Meanwhile, those things I could have gotten done still need to be done and I’m nowhere further in my writing. And, now I feel bad about my writing. Which is also not helpful.

For me, it’s better to clear those other things out of the way first, so I can spend a chunk of time focusing on my writing. And that’s okay. It doesn’t mean I want it any less than the next person. It doesn’t mean I’m not committed to following this new path. It doesn’t mean I’m not sacrificing. After all, I’ve not watched one episode of this season’s The Walking Dead. Those who know me, understand the gravity of that statement.

It’s okay if I don’t actually put words on the screen every day.

And it’s okay if you don’t either.

Be you.

(Now, off to finish the homework I should have been doing instead of this blog post. :D)

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