The Graffiti

It was sprawled across the front entrance wall. Huge painted letters, five, maybe six feet tall each. My first thought was, “How?” Security constantly monitored this area with cameras, patrols and even drones. I didn’t have to ask why. The graffiti wasn’t telling us anything we didn’t already know. Despite appearances, the world we lived in under the rule of Gregory McManus was anything but peaceful. A cold tendril of fear snaked up my back as I noticed the security personnel eyeing us. Quietly, I dropped my head and stepped back from the group of my peers still gaping at the words “You are all sheep. Gregory is the shepherd.”

Turning away from the building, I shuffled to the front door, keeping my eyes averted as I slipped through two guards. Behind me, I felt the presence of others following behind me and silently willed the crowd outside to do the same. I had just made it inside the door when the first pop of a gun made me jump. It was followed in succession by more gunfire and screaming.

Rounding the corner, I sneaked a glance over my shoulder through the large windows at the chaos outside. Bodies sprawled in pools of blood. Security calmly walking through, systematically executing anyone who was still alive. Snapping my head forward, I picked up my pace through the corridor. As I stepped into the glass elevator, I turned and glanced up at the projection that spread across the wall. The number 798 flashed and under it were the words “days without an incident”. As the doors closed, the numbers scrolled backwards until they stopped at 000.

Writing Prompt (The Writing Prompt Boot Camp)

You’re downtown, and see graffiti in an unlikely place—graffiti like you’ve never seen before, concerning someone you know.

Timed Exercise – 15 minutes.


Please Forgive Me – Bryan Adams

Runaway – Linkin Park

Believer – Imagine Dragons

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