The Safeguarded Heart: Romance and Intrigue with a side of Steamy

I have a confession. I don’t usually read erotica/steamy romance novels. It’s not that I don’t read romance. I actually enjoy romance novels, especially romantic comedies. I just found, novels heavy on the steam are often light on the plot and I usually get bored.

So, when I started reading The Safeguarded Heart by Melanie A. Smith and reached the first sexy scene, I was afraid I wouldn’t be reading much more of it. (Not that the scene wasn’t superbly written. It doesn’t have to be my thing for me to appreciate the writing (cue face fanning).

Except, I did keep reading. And reading. And reading. Why? Because the plot kept me guessing and I fell in love with the characters. None of them are perfect, which made me love them even more. I finished The Safeguarded Heart ready to read the second novel in the series. It’s on my list now.

So, if you’re looking for a good romance, with a little intrigue and some extra steaminess, check it out. I’ll definitely be reading more by Smith.

About the Book:

Young real estate entrepreneur Serafina Evans chances her guarded heart to be with a handsome and charming Italian client, but things take a turn when she finds out her company is being sabotaged and her paramour isn’t what he seems. Will her gamble on a mercurial relationship pay off, or will it leave her hurt and closed off from love forever? And will she find out who’s sabotaging her in time to save the company she’s worked so hard to build?

About my Reading Corner:

There’s a reason this page isn’t titled reviews. I’m not a reviewer, nor do I want to be. You’ll find every work I write about, I enjoyed on some level. That’s not to say I will enjoy every novel I read. I just won’t be writing about them. My goal with this section is simple – to share an author’s work I enjoyed, so maybe you’ll enjoy it, too.


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