What am I doing?????…..

Recently, a friend of mine was nice enough to share with me notes she had taken during a training. It had some nice little gems in there but one little sentence slapped me hard in the face. (On a side note, that same friend had already asked, out of concern, if I was spreading myself too thin a little while back. I guess I wasn’t in the right place to hear it yet.)

The sentence: Don’t try to actively be in all the places. DO LESS, BUT BETTER.

If I am being honest with myself, which I often I am, I have been failing lately. Now, being the procrastinating overachiever that I am, I realize my version of failing and other people’s version of failing may be a little different. In terms of what I know I am capable of, however, I have been bombing this thing. Just today, I finalized a complete let down of a friend. It was something I had told a friend I would do and just, well, didn’t. And that really isn’t like me. I say “no” a lot but I do try to follow through if I can when I do say “yes”. I’ll feel bad about that failure for a while. I tried to join a book group and failed at that. I started a writer’s group and have barely posted in it. I started an online magazine and spent time working on the website and the new social media pages and putting on some content, for now, just to have it sit there. That was a big thing for me. Just one more thing on the list of things. Oh yeah and I still haven’t finished that dang novel.

Then all of the sudden my inner voice asked, “Why are you starting an online magazine again?”

And I answered, “So I can write articles.”

And the inner voice asked, “And you can’t do that on your personal website because…????”

I answered, “Because I need a business if I want to keep doing this.”

Just like that, the mistake I had been making exploded into clear view.

I am a business. Let me repeat, I am A BUSINESS. My personal website is not just a personal website; it’s my business. What do I sell? My writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog post like this, a creative piece, my novel, an article or a freelance project. It’s all my writing. Why in the world would I funnel traffic away from my website?

For so long, I have compartmentalized myself into so many different sections, it didn’t even dawn on me that I didn’t need an online magazine. One of the first things I posted to that online magazine’s page was the featured image at the top.

Well, apparently, I didn’t listen to that either because I was still spreading myself too thin. So what does this all mean? It means michelleleighmiller.com is about to change a little. It means, this just became my business. It means all the focus is here. And one thing I know about myself is, while I can be a little flaky when I am still figuring things out, when I do finally hit a target, there won’t be much that can hold me back.

Let the fun begin. 😊

2 thoughts on “What am I doing?????…..”

  1. I bet that friend is also guilty of trying to do all the things at once, and that’s why that friend wrote that bit down!

    I also bet that friend is glad something in her mass of notes helped so much. 💙⚔️💙

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