Writing first. Everything else later.

According to my mom, as a child, if I was quiet, then there was a good chance I was probably up to something. As it turns out, not much as changed. The more I’m talking (or posting in this case), the less I’m probably doing. It’s when I disappear you, I’ve usually found a groove.

(Or I’m binge watching Netflix. But thankfully that’s not the case this time.)

Serious editing of Reconstructing Evelyn is officially underway. When I sit down at the computer, I don’t write blog posts, or articles, or work on my website, or create ads, read or write reviews. All of which I had been putting before my writing for the past six months.

Maybe it was fear. I’m woman enough to admit that. Maybe it’s lack of a deadline. Or just good old-fashioned procrastination, something I excel at. Regardless, the switch finally flipped last month and I began to slowly rearrange my priorities.

I’ve said before I didn’t have time to write. That’s really not true. My time is limited. That is a fact. The problem was that I was prioritizing everything else over it. That officially ended this week. There’s a reason this post is so short. It’s being written after I already spent over an hour editing. And it’s serving as a break between editing and a 15-minute-writing exercise I’m gearing up to do.

For the first time, I actually feel like I’m on the right track, as opposed to trying to convince myself that I am. Good or bad, whatever comes out of this will go to print. I’m done second-guessing myself. It’s time to stop learning and start doing.

See ya on the other side. (Hopefully with a second novel. And a third. And a fourth. And so on.)

Let’s do this.

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