Driving a stick shift and indie publishing

Recently, when I started thinking about this author journey I have embarked on, and where I am now, memories of my dad teaching me to drive kept popping up. What do memories of me learning to drive and being an indie author have in common?

At first, I thought nothing. That they were just random memories.

But the more I dwelled on it, the more I realized that experience taught me way more than just how to operate a vehicle.

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Someone for Everyone – Chapter Five

Lindsay had warned me the groomsmen were at the house, so I tried to force a smile as we entered the living room.
“How did it go?” Mark asked when we appeared. Then his eyes landed on me and the concerned look that shadowed his face told me I wasn’t doing a very good job of faking it. His head cocked to the side, and he started to speak when Lindsay skirted past me and planted herself between us.

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Someone for Everyone – Chapter Three

I hadn’t actually seen Trevor since we all graduated from college, though I’d seen his face plastered all over the place in recent years. Between magazine covers—thankfully never ours—talk show interviews, news programs, and social media, he was hard to miss, being the CEO and founder of one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

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Someone for Everyone – Chapter Two

Just Getting Started? Click Here Chapter Two “No! This is a joke right?” I had barely made it through the door and the flurry of hugs when Lindsay grabbed my arm and pulled me through the foyer and up the stairs of their two-story farmhouse. I stumbled behind her into their bedroom where she stopped,…

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Someone for Everyone – Chapter One

Chapter One It is official. I have ugly toes. This epic conclusion was reached twelve days and approximately six hours into my forced vacation. Okay, technically, I was fired. But to a self-aware workaholic, losing your job and taking an extended vacation are equally painful. For most of those twelve days and six hours I’d…

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