Someone for Everyone – Chapter One

Chapter One It is official. I have ugly toes. This epic conclusion was reached twelve days and approximately six hours into my forced vacation. Okay, technically, I was fired. But to a self-aware workaholic, losing your job and taking an extended vacation are equally painful. For most of those twelve days and six hours I’d…

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Just ride the horse

Let’s start with a little background. My love of horses began with books—“Black Beauty” and “The Black Stallion” series to be exact. I often dreamed of being lost on a deserted island with only a black Arabian stallion to keep me company.

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Time to hop off that fence

Time to hop off the fence blog post

Have you ever had that moment in life where you’re just playing it safe? Straddling the fence of existence, not quite sure you’re ready to jump down into the mud and gunk that is between you and the luscious field of your dream on the other side? That’s been me for about six years now.…

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